R.A.S Resource Activation Systems
Enterprise/Community Systems Development
                                                                 1. The Legitimation of R.A.S

An Enterprise/Community is a pool of resources (material/immaterial/intellectual) and a set of objectives.

Enterprising is the challenge of activating(empowering) the resources effectively and efficiently in order to achieve the objectives.

It is a human endeavor.   

There are the following three relevant issues :

  1. The Activation/Empowering issue. It is a mental-intellectual issue
  2. The Effectiveness and Efficiency issue. It is a technical issue.
  3. The Accessibility to and Availability  of the resources. It is a social/political issue.                                                             


                                              2. The Objectives of R.A.S   

The objective of R.A.S is to address the Effectiveness  and Efficiency issue of resource activation. (The technical issue)

The  main tool to optimize the effectiveness  and efficiency of resource activation is Resource Virtualization(Digitalization).

 Virtualization(Digitalization) is the process of replacing the real resources "RR" with  virtual resources "VR". (RR<=>VR)

Virtual Resources can be hosted  as nodes in a digital network (popularly known as "Cloud") and can be accessed and manipulated effectively and efficiently thru any device at any time from everywhere by anyone.

Virtual Resources are :

             - Sharable locally and internationally

             - Adaptive to the special needs of the user and his local social and legal 

             - Programmable. The user can insert "own code" and  database table fields to modify or
                enhance  the functionality. 

             - Multifunctional and polymorphic 

             - Universal (Multilingual,  Multicurrency, Multitime Zone)  

             - Multibranch(Vertical)

             - Data Base agnostic (Runs on every database. Microsoft SQL-Access, Oracle, IBM DB,
               SAP HANA, MySQL etc.)
             - Software Platform agnostic. Runs on all open platforms on premise and on the Cloud.  
                Microsoft Azure, IBM Softlayer etc. 

Thise  are the objective of RASv.

Resource Virtualization must be based on a solid fundament of Resource Abstraction otherwise it is of limited  scope and myopic. An Abstract Resource "AR" is the conceptualization of a set of related Virtual  Resources "VR".  (RR<=>VR<=>AR)

Abstraction is the result of the superior quality of the human brain and the main distigtion from the brain of animals which can regognise only  "Signals". (Primitive Virtualization)

Abstraction is the objective of RASa. It is the designer of  RASv. It consist  of a limited set  of abstract objects (Specifications) and an "Inference Engine" (Generator) witch infers (generates) the essential parts  of the  objects of RASv so that only the details must be manually inserted in order to complete them. Modification are made only in the abstract objects of RASa and automatically propagated to the related virtual objects of RASv by regenerating them.

The entire concept of R.A.S is based in the mathematical background of the designer. His analytical/conceptualization ability and his abstraction capacity.


                                              3. Availability of R.A.S

A release date cannot be committed. There are two issues for that (a minor and a major).

The minor issue is database upgrade:

Databases are manipulated via ODBC. For every supported database the corresponding  ODBC driver and a testsamble should  be downloaded for conductinng a quick test. 

 ODBC does not supports database definition (Create database, Create table, Create index etc.). For every supported database the corresponding API (Object Class Library) should be downloaded and code should be inserted  in the corresponding "Abstract Object" in RASa.

The major issue is conversion of the old Windows Forms to HTML5:

The corresponding "Abstract Object" in RASa should be severely modified in order to generate HTML5 code instead of  Windows code.


The progress of the conversion/upgrade process will be periodically recorded in the following project plan :


| Step |                                                   TaskDescription                                             | Planed day | Finish day  |

|    1    | Installation of Windows 10 on Intel Core i5, 8 Gb mem, 120 Gb SSD      |                     | 19-6-2016 |

|    2    | Installation of Windows 10 Phone Edition on Lumia 930                           |                     | 19-6-2016 |

|    3    | Download  Visual Studio 2015 Express                                                          |                     | 19-6-2016 |

|    4    | Conversion of the old Windows Forms to HTML5                                       | 20-6-2016 |                     |


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